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What's our philosophy and approach?

It is fair to say that most people try to lead a balanced, progressive and purposeful life. It is also clear that this isn’t always easy. We all experience changes and pressures that are not necessarily straightforward to handle, or even welcome. Yet we also know that change is inevitable, and can open new opportunities.


Alongside whatever is happening in our individual lives, we're living in perhaps the most significant period of change in the history of humanity and facing a future that is not certain, with both challenge and opportunity ahead.


For both these reasons, developing an integrated awareness of how our human systems are designed to cope with pressure is so crucial. 

We offer approaches that are both insightful and practical, assisting people to develop the self-awareness and ongoing practices that are preventative, remedial and restorative. Ultimately, it’s about enablement: to provide people with the understanding and ability to monitor themselves, and to be aware of how to maintain their own balances ongoingly.


Progress in work and life calls for flexibility and versatility, as well as resilience, if we are to better cope with pressure and lead our lives towards the best that they can be. Living Balances essentially means maintaining balance and steadiness whilst on the move.

Nick Woodeson and Virginia Ellis

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Living Balances is a consulting practice led by Nick and Virginia. Nick is a management development consultant, coach and trainer and Virgina is a senior psychotherapist, stress specialist and workshop facilitator.


Together they bring different perspectives and experience, with a shared passion about what it means to be human in a changing world. 

You can find out more about Virginia here                            and Nick here 

                                                                                and us here

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