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Why Living Balances?

Life can be a challenging mix of experiences, sometimes wonderful, often humdrum and sometimes overly challenging. Yet, even during great challenges we can rise and expand our capability with a freshness and willingness and be inspired.

It’s a quality within living on this marvellous blue sphere we call the planet that we’ve all experienced – captured in moments. Like driving and all the lights turn green or that feeling at the end of a satisfying day or the feeling of being with loved ones and all is well - In such times we are in balance.

Yet we all know too well the many demands of life where every way you look and no matter how hard you try it is relentless. Living is a continuum and passes through many stages, and no one can escape the fact that stress and sometimes too much pressure will occur.

That’s why a continuing watch on balances is so important. Not just work life balance, but the balances needed to be ready for tomorrow, whatever it may bring. So what balances do we mean?

There are the obvious ones of course. Nutrition, health and fitness, sleep and rest and so on. Then there are others. The balances between looking after yourself, your loved ones and others. The balances between being planned and spontaneous. The balances of the mind and the emotions, needed to be ready and at the point for whatever next.

That’s why our focus is on living and balances, and learning how to accept some degree of stress and pressure. It means becoming self-aware and aware of our human systems. To listen to instinctive messages as we make our own choices within our roles in life. It means being aware that change is inevitable, whether welcomed or not. It means being ready for an uncertain tomorrow.


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